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Baby Shower

Details about Kristy’s Baby Shower!

Date: Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Time: 2 PM

Place: Miranda’s house, 24622 Adams Ct. Unit #208 Farmington Hills, Mi (It is a townhouse) – Feel free to park in any space that is not labeled as reserved!

RSVP to: Miranda Webster at phone 248-763-3074 or by email

In lieu of cards, please bring a favorite children’s book to help Kristy and Zach start their child’s library.

Kristy and Zach are registered at:

Amazon Baby Registry (online) – Diaper bag, big stuff and best prices for odds and ends

Modern Natural Baby (online or in person at their Ferndale, MI store) – Cloth diapering supplies

Babies R Us (online or in person) – Glass bottles and clothes

Kristy and Zach have decided to cloth diaper their baby to save money and reduce the amount of landfill waste they produce.  Almost all of their cloth diaper supplies are on the registry at Modern Natural Baby which is a locally owned small business.  They offer free shipping to you, to Kristy and Zach or directly to the store where they can pick up the order.


What is the sex of the baby?  It is a surprise until the baby is born, keeping things gender neutral is important to both Kristy and Zach.

Why no plastics?  BPA free plastic may be just as dangerous as plastics with BPA in it, so we are trying to stick to glass and stainless steel as much as possible for products coming into contact with food and drinks.

Is there a theme for the baby room?  No, Kristy and Zach don’t have a theme.  They love the City of Detroit, dinosaurs, penguins and dragons. Those are the themes of many of the things that they are getting for the baby.

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