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New Direction for the Blog

When originally I started this blog I really didn’t have a direction.  I think I was running in so many different directions.  Do I want to talk more about cooking?  My pregnancy?  Do I want to talk about parenting?  So I just did a bunch of very random things.

More recently I realized that I enjoy research and facts. It is something I am good at.  A lot of times I will say “I just Google well,” but in reality I have years of searching for information under my belt.  After belonging to a lot of different mom groups, I realized that there is so much misinformation out there or it is just not organized well at all, that I’d like to find some topics that have peaked my interested and write about them.

So… be prepared for a mix of twin pregnancy, baby gear, parenting, car seat safety, or any random question a person might ask about and all the information that I can find.  Hopefully everyone enjoys the new direction I am headed in because I already have a list of topics that people might find interesting!


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