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How about we take a damn nap?  4 Month Sleep Regression

How about we take a damn nap? 4 Month Sleep Regression

I find myself consistently saying to myself and the little Fox, “how about we take a damn nap?”  Red Fox tends to be a “rage napper.”  I coined that term to really describe it… but it also sounds like a 90’s alt band.  They tend to want to scream and thrash their way down to sleep, it makes it difficult during nap time and at bed time and very stressful.  We have decided that we want to not do rigid schedules and let the baby lead the way to what kind of schedule works best for them… this is currently it:

  • 8pm – 3am
  • 3:30am-6:30am
  • 30 minute nap in the morning
  • 1 hour nap in the afternoon
  • 30min-1 hour nap if the fox is in the mood around dinner

This is a grand total of 11.5 hours on an average day.  This means on a not great day, 10 hours and on a good day 13 hours.  I like to keep looking back to the Alpha Parent: Timeline of Sleep.  It keeps reminding me that this is totally normal and in addition has wonderful links to peer reviewed studies about sleep, so it doesn’t just feel like some mommy blog.

Due to the screaming before naps and bedtimes, I have had to develop some coping mechanisms of my own to deal with it as “crying it out” does not feel morally right to me or my partner.  The first thing that we found helps is, 5 minutes switches for each parent, so you can leave the room and decompress before going back in and holding the baby again.  It is a great way to work as a team and keep stress levels down for parents.  I also found that surfing my phone while just slowing rocking the baby (still screaming) lets me be physically they for them while also taking my mind a little way off to help cope.  I think realizing that we need to find some healthy coping mechanisms is a great way to realize that we can’t always do this on our own.

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