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First Month… What They Don’t Tell You

First Month… What They Don’t Tell You

This month has absolutely flown by, which is exciting but also sad to see Red Fox growing so quick and not being adorably small anymore. It is an awesome experience and so many different feelings, it has been overwhelming.

1 Month

Things no one REALLY tells you:

  1. Leaving the hospital is freaky and your first drive home is slightly terrifying.  I was worried about if we had everything together and if we were going to just have no clue what to do.
  2. Your butt will hurt and it will be soooooo hard to poop.  Your first poop after baby will basically be terrible and cause for celebration.
  3. The first week of having your baby will be so exciting and you will feel like you are on a high, reality will come crashing down on you.
  4. Baby blues are so real for pretty much every mom.  It is an intense hormonal crash and if you haven’t felt it yet, it is still coming.
  5. It is totally ok if you just want to get away from your baby and have alone time.  I was lucky that my partner totally understood that and make it easy for me to get some quiet time.
  6. Enjoy all the time your newborn sleeps… that changes a lot.
  7. You NEED to learn how to burp a baby, find someone that has had a couple kids, they will be your best resource.

This first month has been amazing and I am so glad I have done a 365 project to capture everyday in Red Fox’s life so far.

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