March is Baby Prep Time

33 Weeks

I am fully into the third trimester, which is kind of crazy.  March started my baby prep time.  I decided that I wanted to create a list of 31 things to do in 31 days.  Here it is:

  1. Finish thank yous for baby shower
  2. Set up dining room table – DONE
  3. Get dining room chairs out of storage – DONE
  4. Get chair and ottoman out of storage – DONE
  5. Get the co-sleeper from K
  6. Clear out empty boxes from the dining room
  7. Clear boxes from bedroom
  8. Buy rest of baby registry from MNB (soap, all-in-ones, baby cleaning) – DONE
  9. Finish sewing baby wipes
  10. Sew fox baby blankets
  11. Wash pre-folds 6-8 times
  12. Wash all covers and cloth wipes
  13. Wash all all-in-ones and pocket diapers 3-4 times
  14. Wash wet bags, diaper pail liners
  15. Wash burp cloths, baby blankets – DONE
  16. Organize baby changing area
  17. Wash 0-3 month stuff – DONE
  18. Wash 3-6 month stuff
  19. Organize clothes in the baby storage
  20. Put away 12 months+ into plastic storage bins and label them – DONE
  21. Write and print diaper washing directions
  22. Write and print daily and weekly responsibilities for Z and K
  23. Write and print monthly cleaning checklist
  24. Maternity photos for me!
  25. Finish editing photos for clients – DONE
  26. Write birth plan
  27. Meal planning prep
  28. Make bulk breakfast burritos
  29. Get disposable diapers for first week – DONE
  30. Pack baby hospital bag – DONE
  31. Pack my hospital bag

Currently on the 9th day of the month I have 10 things done, so doing well staying on schedule.  I find that I can reduce stress by creating a list of more easily accomplished goals.  I feel like looking around and thinking about everything that needs to get done in the next 7 weeks would probably make me feel like I am going to go crazy.  I also like to do things with a reasonable amount of time.  April is basically go time for the baby, it could really come at any time and I don’t want to go into labor while I am trying to finish washing all the baby’s onsies.

So look around at what you need to do and break it down to a list, give your self a task a day and you should feel much better about getting everything done.

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