28 Weeks!


So I have made it to the third trimester.  Also to the looking pregnant instead of just gaining some extra weight phase.  It has been an interesting journey for us.  Starting with being taken off my medications for my mental health condition to fertility medication to treat my PCOS.  We have been through a lot, but it is wonderful to finally be here.  But as happy as I am, I am kind of dying from lack of sleep… so I am going to list some of the other wonderful parts of being this far along in my pregnancy.

Joys of Third Trimester:

  • Leg cramps are starting, which means worst sleep than normal.
  • Indigestion ALL THE TIME.
  • I almost vomit when I cough hard.

Actual Joy of Third Trimester:

  • Feeling Red Fox moving around much more.
  • I can see them pushing out, it is weird for my belly to be moving around with kicks  and punches.
  • The idea of being a parent is becoming more real.

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  1. Therese says:

    You look great. Love your hair too!

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