Christmas Cards – How to Write a Letter About a Not so Great Year

I like to send out Christmas Cards every year.  This year I did just under 100, I send them to family local friends and our buddies from college and childhood.  I always like to include a letter with the card to give a run down of the year and include any exciting news.  This year was:

  • My pregnancy
  • My partner’s new job
  • We moved into our new apartment (sadly out in the burbs…)

I always try to reconcile putting in the good news with whatever else happened to us that year, this is mostly why I waited til the week of Christmas before sending out our cards and letters.  This year was tough for us, my partner lost his job the day before my birthday and we found out I was pregnant the next week after struggling with infertility for over a year and a half… yes, always good timing.  This is an interesting balance to strike to share our lives but not send the most depressing letter ever.  So here are some of my tips about writing a letter about a not so great year:

  1. Think about what you want to share, good and bad.  Write a list with good, bad and neutral columns.
  2. Break down the news to each member of the family and then joint news.
  3. I like to include in the same paragraph some of the bad news, but maybe a good resolution to it. ex. “Z lost his job in August, but we found out just recently that he got a brand new job using his graduate degree starting in January.” or “We had to move out of our loft downtown and stay with friends for a bit, but we just moved into our new apartment this week.”
  4. Don’t make it a pity party.
  5. Thank everyone for their support and love.

Your letter doesn’t have to have the most positive ending, but saying you are looking forward to the next year and the many changes it will bring is showing a positive spin on maybe not the best year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to 2014!


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