Annouced the Pregnancy on Facebook Today

Today we announced on Facebook about the pregnancy.  It has been very hard keeping the secret (honestly, I have been randomly telling people since 9 weeks after we heard the heartbeat).  So many well wishes, we are truly lucky to have such a great group of friends and a wonderful support system.  I also wanted to do it because I have started showing a bit, my pants have stopped fitting (wonderful) and I have been reduced to Belly Bands to keep them up to tide me over until I can buy some maternity clothes after the fiance has been working for awhile.  They have been awesome, you can keep your pants unbuttoned and they keep them up.  Basically it looks like you are wearing a long tank top under all your shirts, which is fine with me.


Picture of the baby with my super full bladder.

I really have been just thinking a lot about what I want for the birth, like what kind of providers and where to have the baby.  Leaning more to the natural birth side of things, I like the idea of having full control of my body and being able to move around in labor.  So, we have been looking at Midwives and Doulas, which has been very interesting.  The fiance and I are not particularly religious, well… we both are probably atheists.  A lot of people in the Doula community are fairly religious, which I don’t really want to be a part of my birthing experience.  We also have a somewhat non-traditional family, which we want to make sure that people are comfortable working with that.

There is also an awesome looking birthing center around the Detroit area.  It is called the Alternative Birth Care Unit at Providence Southfield, they only do natural births and are located right next to Labor and Delivery in case anything goes wrong.  I think it is the best of both world for me as I’m naturally really anxious and doing something like a home birth would make me terrified we couldn’t get help fast enough.


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